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Incident investigations are part of a comprehensive occupational safety and health program. All incidents must be investigated, from accidents that resulted in injury or fatality, to near misses that had no impacts.

Incident investigations must look beyond the immediate causes on an incident and identify root causes. If conducted well, incident investigations help to identify hazards and risks. This is followed by the implementation of corrective actions that address the root causes of an incident.

Don’t Wait Until an Incident Happens

Being proactive is always better than being reactive. The best time to develop an action plan for an incident investigation is before the incident happens, not after. But there’s one important detail to keep in mind: Not all incidents are the same. One size does not fit all. An incident involving a forklift will be different than an incident involving a chemical spill.

But a generic action plan template, which can then be adapted for specific incident types, is still useful because it allows for advanced planning that helps to kick-start an incident investigation right away. It’s important to start an investigation as soon as possible, while the evidence is still available, and while witnesses still have a fresh memory of what happened.

Some of the elements of the action plan may include:

  • Notification to relevant stakeholders
  • Identification of incident investigators
  • Steps to determine corrective actions
  • Creation and distribution of the incident investigation report
  • Steps to implement recommendations
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of corrective actions

Action Plan Software Makes a Difference

Creating an action plan, maintaining it over time and during organizational changes, adapting it for specific incidents types, launching it, and providing access to it centrally to the entire organization can only happen through the use of an action plan software application. Using spreadsheets and manual processes is simply not an option.

Through action plan software, organizations can schedule and deploy actions, check progress, alert team members and make sure that required actions are delivered within deadlines. Tasks can be centrally created, assigned and managed, and can be accessed and closed through EHS mobile apps as well.

More Information on Incident Investigation

Asset Inspection Management Software

IMEC’s Asset Inspection Management Software can be used to manage any type of Asset Inspection. This Asset Inspection Management Software solution can create corrective actions as a result of asset inspection failures for inspections.  Corrective actions are allocated to the appropriate persons, with deadlines for resolution which will greatly reduce the time, effort and cost of managing compliance inspections. Implementing an Asset Inspection management software solution, where users using a Mobile App can easily perform inspections in the field aids compliance, reduces risk and standardizes the inspection process within your organization.

IMEC Technologies provides Safety Management Software to increase worker safety and aid compliance. IMEC’s Safety Management Software will manage inspections and audits, provides hazard identificationincident reporting, management of corrective and preventative actions from generation to closure. IMEC provides lock out tag out software solutions that will allow users to create lockout tagout procedures using an intuitive Mobile App and Manage Lockout Tagout Procedures, also the Review and Execution of those Lockout Tagout Procedures using the Mobile App. Annual Lockout Tagout Procedures audits are conducted using a Mobile App. The Mobile Inspection App allow users to perform inspections and audits, for example the system can be used as a Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software system to manage monthly fire extinguisher inspections and general fire safety inspections and also to record safety observations and manage corrective actions, anywhere and anytime. The solution can be used as a fire extinguisher barcode inspection software system or life safety inspection system to aid compliance in Higher Education, Healthcare, Industrial and Commercial Organizations. Benefits from a Fire Extinguisher Barcode System include the elimination of paperwork and reducing the burden of compliance with regulations such as NFPA, The Joint Commission. The Incident Reporting App allows users to easily and quickly report incidents, hazards and near-misses, these are then sent to the appropriate people for action and are managed to closure.  Web Apps provide features such as, setup, management, scheduling tools, analysis, reporting and dashboards etc with the ability to report incidents to government bodies such as OSHA and RIDDORHazMat T&T is a hazardous waste management software solution designed for Environmental Service Companies and companies who generate a large quantity of hazardous waste. The solution tracks hazardous waste from cradle to grave aiding compliance, providing accurate waste inventory, increasing waste handling efficiency, reducing risk and also helps manage waste costs. HazMat T&T Hazardous Waste Management Software can be deployed in a number of deployment scenarios, from Large Hazardous Waste Generators, tracking their hazardous waste at their site to Environmental Service and Waste Management Companies using it track and manage hazardous waste at transfer and disposal sites. For more information visit our website