Solutions for Healthcare Customers

We provide Safety and Compliance software solutions to Health Care Customers to Streamline their Processes, Improve Safety, Aid Compliance, Eliminate Paperwork, Reduce Risk and keep you Audit Ready. Our Solutions are Web Based and Mobile.

Each of our Software Solutions can work completely Standalone but are also Fully Integrated with each other giving Customers the tools to Comply with Regulations from The Joint Commission, OSHA, NFPA, EPA and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s).

Hospital Inspection Software


Whether you are inspecting Fire Extinguishers, Fire Safety Devices, AED’s, Eyewash Stations, Emergency Showers, Spill Kits or performing facility inspections our Inspection Software is designed to manage the entire inspection process performed in a Health Care Environment.

Incident Reporting and Prevention

Report Incidents, Hazards and Near Misses. Engage Staff in Safety. Using the Intuitive Mobile App staff can record an Incident, Hazard or Near Miss and can capture and annotate these photos as part of reporting the Incident, helping with OSHA Reporting. The unlimited and customizable Incident Categories means that Staff can use the App to report on an infinite number of types of Incidents. Incidents can be Environmental, Spills, Personal Injury, Slips, Blocked Exits, Vehicle etc.

Corrective Actions(CAPA)

Corrective actions can be created and given to the correct people as part of an inspection or Incident Report. Users can manage Actions from Open to Final Close using the Mobile App or the Web App. This eliminates the need for paperwork and handles Actions and Action Tracking as efficiently as possible. Inspection Forms can Record Deficiencies Against Regulatory Codes that are then displayed on Dashboards to show areas that need to be addressed.

Lockout Tagout Software (LOTO)

Create and Execute Lock Out Tag Out Procedures on the Mobile App. Print Lockout Tagout Procedures. Dashboards Track Machine Downtime. Review / Audit Procedures on the Mobile App, Implement Changes and Maintain Compliance. EMail Alerts ensure that Procedure Audits are Never Missed.

Dashboards, Reports and Email Alerts

Powerful Data Analytics to Track Key Performance Indicators help with compliance for The Joint Commission or Other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ's), Monthly Inspection Completed Reports, such as Fire Extinguisher Inspections Completed reduce the effort needed to manage Inspections. Build Your Own Dashboards, Reduce Risk and Maintain Compliance. Unlimited EMail Alerts inform the appropriate managers of upcoming Compliance Issues, Ensuring Inspections are Never Missed.

Safety Observations

Managers can use the Mobile App to Record Observations, both positive and negative. Managers can create Corrective Actions and Allocate them to the appropriate people. An ideal tool for Managers to perform Campus or Site tours and reviews eliminating paperwork and increasing efficiency.

Hazardous, Medical Waste Management and Tracking

Manage and Track Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste created in Labs, Operating Rooms and Wards. track this waste from Creation to Disposal. Perform Waste Container Tracking, Sharps Container Tracking, Track Container Combinations and Decanting. Carry out Waste Area Inspections, Container Inspections. Produce Shipping Documentation and Track Manifests.


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