EHS Incident Reporting Software


Track all Incident Types

Easily report all types of Incidents, Hazards, Near Misses, on the App or the Web. Drive Employee Engagement in Safety.

Corrective Actions

Generate Corrective and Preventative Actions to ensure that Incidents do not reoccur and improve safety.

Custom Forms

Build Custom Forms to Capture any type of Incident, Personal Injury, Procedural Incident, Security Break In, Environmental Spill

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards allow managers to track KPI's and Track Incident Rates across locations and sites.

Regulatory Documents

Easily Create Regulatory Documents for a Reportable Incident, OSHA 300, 301, 301A, RIDDOR etc.

Mobile App

The App works both online and offline, is easy to use and also provides an anonymous reporting option.

SMS Alerts

Managers receive SMS and email messages for any incident reported where they have responsibility for the area or employee.

Build Safety Culture

Identify trends and also prevent incidents from recurring through powerful analytics. Keep your Employees Safe.

EHS Incident Reporting Software

IMEC’s Incident Management software allows employees to easily report Incidents, Hazards, and Near Misses.

Workplace Incidents are reported using the Incident Reporting App. The Web Portal App allows managers to manage each incident to closure.

Custom Forms allow users to collect information specific to an incident.

Users can take photos as part of an incident Report and & mark them to show injuries. Comments can be added to explain the injury in more detail.

Anonymous Reporting of Incidents is possible also.

EHS Incident Categories & Subcategories


Categories and subcategories allow different Forms to be used to manage each type of workplace incident. The user completes the form on the App. The Categories and subcategories are used to determine who gets notified. Categories also dictate if an incident should be reported to OSHA.

Example Incidents include:

  • Personal Injuries
  • Security Incidents
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Environmental Spills

Custom Forms

Custom forms gather the information relevant to each incident. information. For example:

  • Personal Workplace Injury
  • Injury from a Vehicle Incident
  • Environmental spillage

Forms can gather:

  • Text Input
  • Lists
  • Numeric Input
  • Date input
  • Images
  • Or can be Yes or No Answers

Safety Reporting App

Our EHS and safety incident reporting tool can operate without the Internet. As well as this, there is no need to log in to record an incident. The App makes incident reporting simple.

Using the App makes it easy for an employee to report an incident or event. This increases safety and employee engagement.

EHS Incident Reporting and Dashboards

Dashboards analyze EHS Incident trends across departments.

Dashboards allow managers to view safety incidents immediately. Managers can then take actions to increase safety. Future incidents are prevented by tracking corrective actions.

Additional Features of IMEC’s EHS Incident Reporting Software

  • Record any type of Incident, Hazard or Near Miss. Use the system as a safety incident reporting software system. Use it as an OSHA incident reporting software solution. It is up to the customer themselves.
  • No need to log on to the mobile incident reporting software app. The app runs on all devices.
  • Make sure you are ready for an audit. The software gives a complete History of All Incidents.  Manage Corrective Actions to closure. Ensure that incidents do not reoccur. Improve worker safety. Be audit-ready.

Additional Features

  • A history of all reported incidents is available.
  • A full Incident Management software solution.
  • Create corrective actions and ensure the right people follow up. Dashboards and Reports help improve safety. Use IMEC’s incident management software solution to Improve safety.

The Benefits

Accidents and ill-health cost businesses money. This is in lost time, lost skills, insurance premium hikes, legal proceedings, etc. The benefits of accident incident reporting software are significant. A strong safety program contributes to a business’s success.

Safety Incident Software is good for business.
Hazard reporting can help to:

  • Reduce the chances of an accident and incidents in your workplace. Do this through a root cause analysis.
  • Improve staff morale
  • Motivation.
  • Save money.

EHS and Safety Reporting Software – 7 Reasons it is so Important.

A strong safety incident management system can aid with the following:

  1. Report Minor Incidents. Prevent incidents from happening.
  2. Minor incidents and observations mean there is more data to analyze.
  3. Incidents and observations keep us aware.
  4. A Feedback loop keeps observers aboard.
  5. You can share the lessons.
  6. Investing in reporting is cheaper than the costs of a major incident.
  7. Incident Reporting is a key to creating a safe & healthy culture.

Strong safety reporting software is paramount for any company today. Employee Safety and Welfare should be top of mind. If you care about your employees, they will care about you. This care for your employee’s welfare will pay dividends. It will help to future-proof your operations.

Thanks to Falcony for the original article points above:

Safety is a critical facet of any organization. It involves the prevention of incidents and accidents that may lead to injuries, illnesses, property damage, and even fatalities. The proper management of workplace incidents is therefore crucial, and this is where Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software comes in.

Incident Management and EHS Software

EHS software is a comprehensive incident management tool that streamlines the process of managing, tracking, and reporting incidents. It provides a centralized system where safety incident data is collected, analyzed, and stored, helping organizations maintain compliance and improve their safety performance12.

A safety incident management software should make an incident report and incident management simple.

Safety software is a great option for safety solutions. Software solutions help to improve occupational safety.

Using EHS incident management software can be hugely beneficial for a company.

EHS incidents rely on incident response times whenever property damage is involved.

A key feature of EHS incident management software is its ability to facilitate root cause analysis. After a safety incident occurs, it allows for a systematic investigation into the incident. This helps identify the underlying causes, which are essential in implementing corrective actions to prevent future incidents.

You can track incidents and ensure proper incident notification with the incident management platform.

Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis

EHS software enables organizations to collect comprehensive data on all types of incidents, including environmental incidents, vehicle incidents, and personal injury. This data is critical in conducting thorough incident investigations and understanding the nature and impact of these incidents.

You can implement corrective actions and improve your reporting process for these ehs incidents.

Track corrective actions for ehs incidents and workplace injuries will decrease greatly. Work-related injuries are a nightmare for health administration.

Moreover, the software can analyze this data to identify trends and patterns. This provides an accurate picture of an organization’s safety performance, helping it identify areas for improvement and track the effectiveness of its corrective actions5.

Ensuring Proper Incident Notification

Prompt communication is essential in the event of a workplace incident. EHS software ensures incident notification by automatically alerting relevant stakeholders, including the internal chain of command and applicable external agencies. This facilitates swift incident response and prevents further escalation of the situation.

Investigate incidents to gather incident data. This will help avoid an environmental incident and improve workplace safety.

Compliance Management and Continuous Improvement

One of the most significant benefits of EHS software is its role in compliance management. Keeping track of regulatory changes and providing critical metrics such as the total recordable incident rate (TRIR), helps organizations stay compliant with safety regulations7.

EHS software also promotes improvement. It provides learning points from each incident, which can be shared across multiple locations. This fosters a culture of safety and encourages everyone in the organization, from EHS professionals to the leadership team, to contribute to creating a safer workplace89.

Mobile Accessibility

With the advent of mobile technology, many EHS systems now come with a mobile app. This allows for real-time reporting and data collection, even from remote locations. It also ensures that all accidents, whether they’re minor or major, are recorded and addressed promptly10.

You can identify root and root causes of an unplanned event. You can do this with a mobile device which will be continuously enhanced.

Environmental professionals and certified safety professionals can easily report work-related injuries with the use of just a mobile.

EHS professionals can use the mobile app. The mobile app is designed to be simple to use for any level of competence. A mobile app makes the entire process a lot simpler.


In conclusion, EHS software plays an integral role in managing workplace safety incidents. From facilitating root cause analysis and ensuring incident notification to tracking corrective actions and ensuring compliance, this software is an indispensable tool for safety professionals.

By leveraging EHS software, organizations can effectively manage incidents, improve their safety performance, and foster a culture of safety. Not only does this contribute to a safer workplace, but it also leads to increased productivity and operational efficiency5.


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