Safety Audit Software


Audit Templates

Build Audit Templates that include Custom Forms to conduct any type of Health and Safety Audit, Quality Audit. Combine Multiple Forms into Professional Audit Report.

Mobile or Web App

Perform Audits using the Mobile App or Web App. Complete Forms and Checklists.

Audit Scheduling

View Upcoming Health and Safety Audits, allocate a lead Auditor. Set the Forms to be used in an Audit.

Video Auditing

Use a Mobile Phone or Tablet at a remote location to record video evidence as part of an Audit. Include videos within the Audit Report,


Add Photographs, Reports or Documents as Attachments into an Audit at any point within an Audit Form as Evidence to verify compliance.

Track all Audits

Central Repository to Schedule, track and collect audit information for all your internal or external Safety and Quality Audits

Corrective Actions

Generate Corrective and Preventative Actions to ensure that Audit Findings are resolved and do not reoccur.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards allow managers to track KPI's, Track Corrective Actions, Close Rates across locations and sites.

Quality, Health and Safety Audit Management Software

You can Generate professional audit reports with a just few clicks of your mouse. You can also Totally Eliminate errors in manual forms. As well as this, you can Remove the need to use spreadsheets and other application to produce audit reports. In total, this helps to Improve your audit process.

Have one central repository for all audit data from all company locations. You can also Use a single system to record audits, increase efficiency and also speed. Include Risk Assessments and also Reports in Audits. You can also Benefit from using the same tools for EHS, Quality and Safety. As well as this, you can Easily collect audit data throughout the company. Get hands on your audit data faster. Thankfully, this Simplifies reporting for all internal and external users.


You are able to Collect, view and report EHS, Quality, Safety and Facility audit data. This also allows you to Monitor corrective actions and findings. As well as this, the user can Manage corrective actions follow-ups.


Thankfully, our system also allows you to Complete Audits anytime, anywhere, on any device. Use the Mobile App to record audits and also complete the Audit using the Web Portal.

You can collect, view, and report EHS, Quality, Safety, and Facility audit data. This also allows you to Monitor corrective actions and findings. As well as this, the user can Manage corrective action follow-ups.


Thankfully, our system also allows you to Complete Audits anytime, anywhere, on any device. Use the Mobile App to record audits and also complete the Audit using the Web Portal.

EHS Audit Software, Quality, Safety Audit Management Software

Remote Audit Video Software

As part of an audit, a subject matter expert can add a video to an Audit Report. They can also create videos under instruction. The Remote user simply uses a Phone or also Tablet to record the video.

As well as this, Remote Audit Video Software reduces the need for travel to remote locations. In turn, this aids in Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and protecting the environment.

As well as improving efficiency, the Remote Audit Video Software can have a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

EHS, Quality, Safety, and Health Audit Software – Easy to Customize Forms

Using Custom Forms within the IMEC EHS, Quality, Safety, Health Audit Software

Users can build their Audit templates. Include custom forms as part of an EHS, quality, and also Health and safety audits.

Forms can be simple Yes / No or can also be drop-down lists of options. As well as this, each question on the form can have additional information. This can be:

  • Photographs
  • Comments
  • Videos
  • Attachments, such as reports, certificates, or documents.

On a form, the user can gather:

  • Text Input
  • Lists
  • Numeric Input
  • Date input
  • Images

As well as this, Images can be included in the Form. Images can be marked to show the area of concern etc. Entries on forms can also be optional. Photos and comments can be forced if needed. Also, this is entirely up to the users themselves.

EHS, Quality, Facility, Safety and Health Audit Software – Mobile App

The IMEC Audit Mobile App which is part of the IMEC Audit Software can also operate with or without connection to the Internet.  All data is stored securely on the device and is also uploaded to the cloud once the internet is available.  Thankfully, the recording of audit info is very simple. The user simply selects the Audit Form to be completed and is then asked to answer each question.

As well as this, The Mobile App within the Audit Software from IMEC can be used with any Smart Phone or also Tablet of your choice.

This fully includes Devices running iOS, Android, and also Windows and can be used. Specialist rugged devices or devices designed for use in explosive areas (ATEX) / intrinsically safe devices.

Reporting and Dashboards

All Audit info, Corrective Actions, and also Preventative Actions are available for analysis using the Dashboards. Dashboards analyze trends across multiple departments, sites, or locations. As well as this, Powerful filtering and drill-down capabilities are available. Thankfully, Dashboards allow managers to analyze audits and findings. This improves quality and also aids compliance with regulatory bodies.

Thankfully, Dashboards provide managers with a real-time, at-a-glance analysis of data collected. Analysis of Corrective Actions and Findings anytime and anywhere. Also, Our Software ensures optimum ease of use when audits are being conducted. Allow Lead Auditors to review and make comments on the info Collected during an Audit. Corrective actions are a great way to improve your business going forward.

EHS, Quality, Facility Additional Features

Features include:
• The Mobile App is also part of the IMEC Health and Safety Audit Management Software System. The App runs on Apple, Android or Windows 10 devices.
• As well as this, there is Nothing to Install, and all customer data is stored in a Secure Cloud Service (Tier 4). Download the EHS, Quality, Facility, Health, and Safety Audit Mobile App from the Stores.
• One Mobile App that can be used to record any type of EHS Audit, Quality Auditor also Facility Audit.
• Make Sure you are always ready for an audit. Have a Complete History of All EHS, Quality, Facility and also Health and safety Audits. Track Findings and also Evidence.

Manage Corrective Actions to Closure. As well as this, Create Preventative Actions to improve Safety. Improve worker safety and also be audit-ready.

The types of industries that use IMEC’s Audit Management and Reporting Software are diverse, they include companies with thousands of employees across a wide range of sites down to companies who may have a hundred employees at a single site. Perform EHS Audits, Quality Audits, Health, Safety or Facility Audits. These include:

Safety Audit Software: The Key to Streamlined Regulatory Compliance and Workplace Safety

In an era where workplace safety is of paramount importance, safety audit software has emerged as a crucial tool in ensuring compliance and reducing risks. The safety process involves a detailed examination of an organization’s safety program, to identify potential hazards and ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place. This is where safety audit software comes in, offering a more efficient and effective way to conduct safety audits, manage safety info, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Streamlining Audits and Inspections

Safety audit software provides a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of audits and inspections. You can easily share safety audit reports. Through the use of custom checklists, inspectors can conduct thorough inspections and audits, ensuring that all areas of an organization are covered. The software also enables the sharing of safety audit reports with relevant parties, promoting transparency and accountability.

Moreover, safety audit software allows organizations to track key performance indicators (KPIs), which can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of their safety programs. By analyzing inspection data, organizations can identify areas of improvement and take proactive steps to reduce risk.

Enhancing Efficiency with Mobile Apps

The use of mobile apps in safety audit software further enhances its efficiency. Inspectors can access custom checklists, existing info, and other necessary documents right from their mobile phone. This not only saves time but also ensures that inspectors have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Customizable checklists help save time. Our product can save time and it also reduces risk and saving time.

Audit management can be made easy for employees. Employees can now manage tasks during an inspection easily.

Inspection tasks for a company are easy to track. You can track the main risks over time in your company. Being aware of these risks can be brilliant for the future of the company.

With the ability to scan QR codes, inspectors can easily identify equipment and locations, significantly improving the accuracy of their audits and inspections. Instant notifications can also be sent to relevant parties when issues are identified, enabling swift action to be taken.

Moving Beyond Excel Spreadsheets

Safety audit software offers a significant improvement over traditional methods of managing safety data, such as spreadsheets. With the ability to store large volumes of info, the software provides a centralized platform for managing all safety information. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures that infois easily accessible for both internal and external auditors.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

One of the key benefits of safety audit software is its ability to ensure regulatory compliance. The software is designed to align with various safety regulations, ensuring that all safety audits and inspections meet the necessary standards. This not only helps to uphold workplace safety but also protects organizations from potential legal complications.

Promoting Workplace Safety

By involving the entire workforce in the safety process, safety audit software can help foster a culture of safety within an organization. Employees can report safety issues directly through the software, promoting active participation in the safety program.

Moreover, the software can assist in identifying the root cause of safety issues, enabling organizations to take targeted action to remedy these problems. This not only helps to improve workplace safety but also contributes to overall organizational improvement. Improving your risk assessments and following regulatory requirements will improve your company.


In conclusion, safety audit software is an invaluable tool for any organization seeking to improve its safety program, ensure compliance, and reduce risk. By streamlining the process of audits and inspections, enhancing efficiency through mobile apps, moving beyond traditional methods of info management, and promoting workplace safety, safety audit software offers a comprehensive solution for managing workplace safety.