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We provide Safety and Compliance software solutions to help Universities and Colleges Streamline their Processes, Improve Safety, Aid Compliance, Eliminate Paperwork, Reduce Risk and keep you Audit Ready. Our Solutions are Web Based and Mobile.

Each of our Software Solutions can work completely Standalone but are also Fully Integrated with each other giving Universities and Colleges the tools to Comply with Regulations from OSHA, NFPA and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s).

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Whether you are inspecting Fire Safety Devices, AED’s, Eyewash Stations, Emergency Showers, E Lights, Equipment Inspections or EHS inspections our Inspection Software is designed to manage the entire inspection process performed in a University or College. The easy to use App can be used by both staff and students to perform inspections. Security within the system provides the controls to limit user access therefore the system can be used by many departments within the University for example, EHS, Facilities, Security etc.

Incident Reporting and Prevention

Report Incidents, Hazards and Near Misses. Engage Staff in Safety. The Intuitive Mobile App captures and annotates Images as part of Incident Reporting streamlining OSHA Reporting. Flexible Incident Categories allow for reporting of an infinite number of types of Incidents, for example Environmental, Personal Injury, Vehicle etc.

Corrective Actions(CAPA)

Create and Assign Corrective Actions during an Inspection or Incident Report. Actions can be sent to the person responsible with a deadline. Using the Mobile App or Web App users can Manage Corrective Actions from creation to Closure ensuring that issues are resolved as efficiently as possible. Forms can record Deficiencies Against Regulatory Codes when a step fails as part of an inspection, highlighting areas that need to be addressed.

Lockout Tagout Software (LOTO)

The Lock Out Tag Out software solution will manage all LOTO requirements. Procedures can be created and run using the Mobile App. Lock Out Tag Out Procedures can be printed out and placed at each machine. Machine Downtime can be tracked using reports and dashboards. Email Alerts inform users when procedures are due for review / audit. Changes to a procedure can be done on the Mobile App or Web App to help keep you audit ready.

Dashboards, Reports and Email Alerts

Powerful Data Analytics will Track Key Performance Indicators and can Alert users to potential issues, such as Missed Inspections or Actions that are late. Users can Build their Own Dashboards. Reports and Dashboards help to Reduce Risk and Maintain Compliance. The Unlimited EMail Alerts can be used to maintain compliance by alerting managers to possible issues.

Safety Observations

Facility Managers can Use the Mobile App to Record Observations, both positive and negative as part of site tours. Actions can be created and given to employees to fix by a given date. An ideal tool for managers to perform site tours and reviews removing the need for paperwork.

Hazardous Waste Management and Tracking

Manage and Track the Hazardous Waste that is created in Labs within the University. Track this waste from Creation to Disposal. Each container can be track and the system will also allow decanting from one container to another, tracking the combined container. Track waste in 90 day areas making sure that the waste is managed to maintain compliance. Know the amount of waste created in each department or lab and the cost of disposal this waste.

EHS Audit Software

IMEC provides an easy-to-use interface for conducting, recording, and managing audits. Create custom audit checklists, capture photo and video evidence, and generate reports quickly. With mobile technology, audits can be conducted on-site, facilitating real-time reporting and faster issue resolution. IMEC's software streamlines the audit process and enhances its efficiency.


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