Hazardous Waste Management Software


Total Traceability

Easily Track Waste from Cradle to Grave. Track Waste Drums including Combinations.

Manage Outstanding Manifests

Track outstanding manifests returns. Eliminate exception reports.

Aid Compliance

Manage Satellite and Central Waste Accumulation Areas with Compliance Email Alerts.

Increase Efficiency

Design, Print Waste Labels. Use Mobile App and Barcodes to Record Activities.

100% Data Accurate

Get Full Visibility of all Hazardous Waste Inventory, Waste Generation Practices.

Reduce Risk

Compliance Email Alerts, Waste History & Audit Logs help aid compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Stay Competitive

Keep up with Technological Advances to Drive Efficiencies and Stay Competitive.

Protect Your Reputation

Ensure Compliance with Regulations. Eliminate Violations, Reduce Risk and Improve your ESG.

Demonstrate Compliance

Easily show compliance to internal & external stakeholders with compliance reports and dashboards. Track outstanding manifest returns with deadline dates, eliminate exception reporting. Manage Waste Accumulation areas compliance dates with Email Alerts down to the container level. Audit trails track each waste container from cradle to grave, disposal.

Waste Inventory Management

Track inventory quickly, easily, and accurately using the Mobile App. Print Customizable labels with QR codes and hazard symbols on standard office printers. Pre-print hazardous waste tracking labels or print on demand, using Web App or Mobile App.

Powerful Mobile App

Powerful and configurable Mobile App allows users to create, move, combine, and spilt waste anywhere, at any time. Create Waste Shipments and easily record each container to be shipped by scanning QR code. Scanning a container QR code will show its contents and history from creation.

Gain Insights

Gain insights into waste generation practices at your facility. Powerful dashboards and reports allow you to easily visualize your hazardous waste data. Aid compliance using Dashboards Email Alerts. Get alerts for outstanding manifest returns, central accumulation container compliance days etc.

Ease the Burden of Reporting

Easily generate and submit regulatory reports. The flexible report generator allows users to easily create their own reports.

Manage Waste Profiles

Improve efficiency and Reporting using a Central repository for defining each waste profile / stream. Manage profiles including expiration dates, attachments, attributes such as Hazard Class, Disposal Codes, UN Numbers, EPA Waste Codes and many more. Aid reconciliation by specifying the waste disposal contractors waste profile code on the Manifest.

RCRA Inspections

Inspect Hazardous Waste Areas using the Mobile App. Capture any information needed using Custom Forms. Managers will receive Email Alerts of Overdue RCRA Inspections. Track and Manage Corrective Actions for items such as Lids not Closed, Hazardous Waste Labels Missing, Spills etc.

Waste Creation

Cradle to grave hazardous waste management. Hazardous waste tracking software to track waste from creation to disposal. Create waste using the Mobile App or Web Portal. Waste can be recorded at any point, for example within the department or a satellite waste accumulation area. Recording of waste is streamlined as the default waste profiles are set by area. Customizable Waste Tracking labels are printed with QR Codes. Waste can also be grouped by Reference or Batch.

Waste Inventory

The HazMat T&T can manage waste at multiple sites within an organization. A site can be a disposal facility, transfer station or a waste generation facility. Within each site there can be departments and zones. Zones are a physical areas where waste can be located. Zones can be satellite accumulation areas or a central accumulation area. A waste zone can be a space for a single storage unit or multiple storage units or a large space such as a yard or loading dock. Low level waste tracking is provided to manage many waste items within each Storage unit. Management of hazardous waste storage units allows for many units to be combined together. The contents of a storage unit is known and tracked also.

Tracking Items

Tracked Items are waste created within a department and stored in an satellite accumulation area. Each item is given a tracking number and is stored within a storage unit. Examples of Tracked Items include, a waste chemical inventory item or mixture, a bag of oily rags.

Waste Containers

Waste Containers are stored within Zones. Storage units can be sent for disposal with the Hazardous Waste to a disposal facility. Storage Units can also be reusable. Reusable hazardous waste storage units should have a permanent number assigned. Typically these would be a metal tag / metal label with a QR code or barcode.

Waste Movements

Waste movements can be recorded on the Web and Mobile App. Using the Mobile App the user scans the QR Code on the Container and specifies the Zone. Zones can be satellite accumulation areas, generation or central accumulation areas. Multiple Containers can be moved at once. A batch of Waste Containers can be moved in a single transaction. As can all waste in a zone. All Waste Movements are recorded within the audit trail.

Weighing Waste

The waste container is placed on a scales and the Mobile App will retrieve the weight. The Mobile App updates the waste inventory with the container weight. Tare weights are managed to ensure the accuracy of the weights.

Waste Profiles

The Waste Master holds the definition of each Waste Profile to be managed within the system. Waste Profiles describe the waste stream and its properties. This information is used to manage compatibility, disposal recovery methods and more. Waste Profiles for a waste stream include Waste Description, Proper Shipping Name, DOT Transport information, UN Number(s), Hazard Classes, EWC Codes. The hazardous waste stream type can be specified, for example, Flammable liquids, Oils, Solvents, Acids, etc.

Waste Tracking Labels

Fully customizable waste container labels with barcodes can be printed. These labels, barcodes allow operators to easily manage Waste Containers. Moving, Combining or Adding Waste Containers to Shipment can be done efficiently. The Mobile App greatly improves speed and accuracy on waste transactions at a disposal facility or waste generation facuility. Hazardous Waste Container labels can also include information such as Waste Stream Description, Hazard Class, Compliance Date, Weight etc.

Waste Compliance Dates

A waste compliance zone has a number of days associated with the zone. Compliance dates are used to ensure regulatory compliance. Email alerts send users a list of containers that are stored in a compliance zones more than a specified number of days. For example, if the waste compliance zone is set for 90 days, alerts could be sent for any containers that have been there for 80 or more days. Once a container is moved into a compliance zone a timer starts that tracks how long the container remains in the compliance zone. Any zone can be designated as a compliance zone.

Waste Treatment Routes

Treatment Routes are used to determine the Zones where waste can be stored, and what Treatment Zone can be used when treating waste at a disposal facility. Treatment Routes are generally used as a method of segregating waste, ensuring incompatible waste is not stored together.

Waste can be associated with a treatment route prior to arrival on-site. This can be done using Work Orders, or can be set when receiving waste. Alternatively a treatment route can be set using Work with Waste Inventory.

Combining Waste

Combining Hazardous Waste Streams is not allowed by default. To combine hazardous waste streams these wastes must be defined as compatible. After combination. each hazardous waste container combined is known and tracked. There is no limit to the number of combinations that can be performed and tracked. This low level hazardous waste tracking provides the controls needed for compliance. This management and tracking is required when dealing with large volumes of hazardous waste.

Central Accumulation Areas

Know when waste enters a central accumulation area and when it must leave. Move Waste into a Central Accumulation Area using the Mobile App. Define Alerts based on time that waste is within a specified area. 90 day alerts are emailed to managers. Any number of alerts can be created.

Hazardous Waste Stock Check

A hazardous waste stock check is performed via the Stock Check function on the Mobile App. Stock checks are performed at the Hazardous Waste Zone level. The purpose of a stock check is to reconcile the location of waste containers. Waste Containers that are missing are marked as found during the stock check. The hazardous waste stock check results are applied to the waste inventory via the Web Portal..

Splitting Waste

A unique splitting a container feature exists within IMEC's hazardous waste software. This feature will track each split no matter how many times a container is split. Allowing waste handlers to decant waste at their site. Sites can be a waste transfer station, a waste disposal facility or a waste generator site.

Outstanding Manifests

Know which manifests are outstanding and by how many days. Ensure that compliance is maintained. Managers are alerted to outstanding manifests that are not returned within 35 days by the disposer. Reduce or Eliminate exception reporting to regulatory authority.

Shipping and Disposal

Hazardous Waste can be disposed on site or shipped offsite for disposal at a disposal facility. Hazardous Waste Shipments can also be to another site within your organization. Key information entered when shipping waste includes the type of shipment, the disposer and waste manifest number. A waste manifest return can also be recorded on the system. IMEC's hazardous waste software tracks each hazardous waste container. Combinations and splits are tracked.

Disposing / Treating Waste

Waste can be disposed or treated via the Dispose function on the Mobile App. A Treatment Zone is specified where the waste is to be disposed or treated. There are a number of methods by which waste can be disposed of. These include by Batch, Container or Zone. By Batch and Zone operate in a similar fashion. Specify the desired Batch or Zone, containers are retrieved and displayed. Waste Containers are grouped by their Waste Profile for disposal.

Waste Delivery and Collection

Hazardous waste can be moved between facilities in two methods: Shipments or Deliveries and Collections. The waste Shipment function is used for point to point waste loads. That is sending a full load to a 3rd party for disposal. Point to Point waste loads can also be sent to another site within your business unit. The Deliveries and Collections function is used when doing Milk Runs. Milk Runs involve the dropping of waste containers and the picking up of waste containers at various stops along a route.

Work Orders

Work Orders are used within HazMat T&T to specify what waste streams are expected to be received at a disposal facility or transfer station. The Work Orders specify the waste streams, the container types and the quantities of waste to be received. The Work Orders are normally the link between HazMat and the ERP or operations system.

Audit Logging

On each transaction or activity there are a number of audits created. Transactions include waste movements, creation, combining, splitting and shipping. For all transactions the user, time and date, and zone are recorded. All waste handler activities are recorded in the waste transaction audit log. The audit log can be queried and reported against using the Reporting features with HazMat T&T.

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IMEC’s Hazardous Waste Management Software – Key features

Our container tracking of waste from cradle to grave provides proactive management of waste. Thus ensuring regulatory compliance. A Full Audit trail shows all waste activities with the capability to produce the required documentation.


The Web App provides real-time access to accurate inventory data allowing users to easily manage their waste streams and waste inventory. The Mobile App and QR Codes are used for waste identification. The Mobile App simplifies the process of recording waste movement through a streamlined user experience. Human errors are reduced.

The Mobile App allows for:


  • Waste Creation.
  • Container Splitting.
  • Combining of Containers.
  • Waste Identification.
  • Waste Container Movements.
  • Stock Checking of Waste.
  • Waste Shipping.


The Mobile App works both online and offline, providing speed and accuracy of data collection. Mobile App menus can be specific to a user, with a simple straightforward user experience. Optimizing costs related to waste management and tracking.

  • Manage Waste Shipments and Manifests
  • Manage Waste Compliance, Waste Areas, 90 Day Storage Areas. The IMEC hazardous waste management software solution has features that allow the customer to define how long waste should be stored in certain locations. The system tracks the time against the compliance days for this waste area. When nearing its compliance days alerts are sent to the appropriate users. These are known as Waste Age Email Alerts.
  • Biennial Report Software – Easily Generate the EPA Biennial Report for odd years.
  • Work With Waste – Manage Waste Inventory and Movements using Powerful Web Portal. Manage their hazardous waste inventory from a single web page. Users can move waste, ship waste and perform waste transactions to manage their waste inventory.
  • Integration with Other Systems using Open API
  • A powerful hazardous waste tracking system that aids compliance, manages inventory and streamlines operations.
  • Dashboards and Reports with a Dashboard Builder for Customers to Build Their Own Dashboards. Reports can be designed to meet specific reporting requirements such as Biennial Report.
  • Easily Manage RCRA Waste Area Inspections by Inspecting Waste Areas and Waste Containers
  • A powerful Mobile App allows users in the field to manage the inventory of waste, waste streams, chemical inventory waste. The Mobile App is completely customizable for each user or groups of users. Users see only the options they need on their device with an easy to use user experience. Typical Mobile App activities are, Create and Move Waste. Also, Bulk Up or Combine Waste, Decant or Split Waste, Manage Work Orders.  The Weigh Waste option retrieves the weight of the waste from a Bluetooth scales. Identify Waste, provides the contents of a waste container. Also giving the history of the waste since creation. The Mobile App can be used to receive waste against work orders, add items to a shipment,  or stage waste for shipment.

Our software will handle the complexity involved in managing and providing inventory tracking of waste. Waste streams that comes from many sources, where the contents in each container are complex. We manage Waste Splitting and where low-level tracking is required. Biennial Report Software – Easily Generate the EPA Biennial Report for odd years. These features are not available in standard Inventory Management Software. The powerful report designer provides infinite reporting options to customers, for example monthly waste summary reports, biennial report, monthly summary report etc.


Our Hazardous Waste Management Software is used globally. Environmental Service Companies and Waste Generators track waste from cradle to grave. The solution manages waste inventory and as is an aid to regulatory reporting and compliance.

Hazardous Waste Management Software – Types of Industries

The industries using IMEC’s hazardous waste software are many. Users include large quantity hazardous waste generators. Companies who generate hazardous waste from laboratories. Environmental Service companies who manage the hazardous waste inventory at their transfer facilities. Organizations that are seeking low level hazardous waste container tracking. Also, those companies that need cradle to grave hazardous waste management software. These include:

Hazardous Waste Tracking Software

Many industries use IMEC’s solution to manage and track their hazardous waste.

Large quantity hazardous waste generators, such as automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical companies use the solution as a hazardous waste tracking software solution. Tracking their hazardous waste from cradle to grave.

Environmental Service companies use the solution as a hazardous waste software in a number of use cases. One, the manage their waste inventory at transfer and disposal sites. Two, as a total waste management solution at their customer sites. The primary uses for this hazardous waste software are to ensure compliance, hazardous waste container tracking and managing hazardous waste inventory.

What are the key features of IMEC’s Hazardous Waste Tracking Software?

IMEC’s hazardous waste tracking software can be implemented as a waste tracking system within a large quantity generator. Environmental Service Companies use the solution as a hazardous waste software solution to manage their waste inventory. The system will help customers ensure compliance with regulations. Waste Quantity and Waste Age Alerts ensure compliance by making sure that waste is not stored outside of permits limits. Healthcare Facilities use it to track medical waste. The system can provide full cradle to grave waste tracking. When implemented in a hospital each medical waste container delivered and collected is tracked. Also providing proof of delivery and collection. Dashboards and reports provide information on the medical waste containers at each hospital. Together with length of time at the facility and usage.

  • Tracking Containers Delivered/Collected to and from  hospitals.
  • Medical Waste can be tracked from the point of pickup. Tracking can be extended so that the medical waste is tracked from areas within the hospitals.
  • The system provides Proof of Collection / Delivery of each medical waste container is also tracked.
  • The Driver can use a Mobile App to record the movement of medical waste by scanning the container barcode. The Mobile App is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • Container weights can be entered at the medical facility. An option allows container weights to be recorded at the disposal facility.
  • The IMEC Medical Waste Management Software solution tracks the washing of medical waste containers. Including the number of times each container is washed
  • Dashboards provide summary reports of the number medical waste containers inventory. Inventory is also managed at the hospitals. Including the number of days since the containers were delivered.

Biennial Report Software

Easily Generate the EPA Biennial Report for odd years. Remove the administration overhead of generating this report. Use this biennial report software to aid compliance and reduce administration.

IMEC’s Cloud based Hazardous Waste Management Software – why organizations are adopting it.

Safety and compliance leaders can protect their employees, the environment and their bottom line with IMEC’s integrated suite of software applications. IMEC’s software will Manage hazardous waste, improve efficiency and aid compliance.


Industry leaders understand that increasing pressure from investors, consumers and regulators requires new software solutions to manage hazardous waste and improve safety.

Use an Integrated approach to break down information silos and empower decision-making with powerful analytics.

IMEC offers cloud solutions to meet customers’ needs in the areas of Hazardous Waste Management, Health,  and Safety, Lockout Tagout and Audits and Inspections.

Integrate waste management throughout the business so you can navigate the challenges posed by regulation and resource scarcity.

Comply with complex regulations and proactively identify, connect and manage risk across the entire business.

Efficiently manage complex environmental regulations for the creation, storage and disposal of hazardous waste.

Reduce risk and costs associated with hazardous waste across your operations.

Manage waste and risk across the entire company. Reduce costly errors and operational issues to keep employees, operations and reputation safe.

Proactively manage waste accumulation areas, central and satellite.

Keep your staff and resources safe with solutions that reduce risk and aid compliance.

Easily react to regulatory changes and manage risk to improve operational efficiency and financial performance.

Ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste meeting shipping documentation requirements of local, federal and global regulations.

IMEC’s Hazardous Waste Management solution allows environmental companies and large quantity hazardous waste generators to manage their hazardous waste inventory and compliance needs.

Our Hazardous Waste Management solution is a web-based software that allows companies to:

  • Track waste from Cradle to Grave
  • Easily generate the required shipping documentation
  • Label Waste Containers with the correct EPA and Dot information
  • Manage Outstanding Manifests to eliminate exception reporting to EPA or state agencies
  • Manage Central Accumulation Areas ensuring compliance dates are met
  • Manage Waste Profiles giving a consistent, central repository for waste definitions
  • Manage Waste Shipments, Transporter and Final Disposer
  • Provide on-demand compliance and performance reporting
  • Manage the waste from pickup to final disposal.
  • Handle, use, transport, store, or dispose of hazardous waste according regulatory requirements.

Industry leaders know there is increasing market pressure to manage hazardous waste from cradle to grave.

Proactively manage risk, maintain compliance, keep staff and resources safe with software solutions that help manage risk and aid compliance across the enterprise.