Hazardous Waste Management Software

Our Hazardous Waste Management Software Simplifies Processes, Reduces Risk, Aids Compliance and Saves Time and Money, for Hazardous Waste Generators and also for Environmental Service Companies.

IMEC’s platform has fundamentally improved regulated waste management at our site which has resulted in decreased administrative burden within the program, better insight into waste generation trends, and increased compliance. Switching to IMEC's system has saved me 1.5 days per month of work.

Chris Tate, US Region EHS Manager, Vishay Precision Group Inc.VPG Sensors: Industry Leaders in Precision Sensor Technology and Trusted Partners in Innovation


Cradle to Grave Waste Tracking

Track waste containers including splits and combinations from generation to disposal, track waste costs at department level.

Reduce Reporting Time and Effort

Quickly and efficiently generate State, Federal and Corporate reports and dashboards, save time and money spent on reporting tasks.

Accumulation Area Management

Automate waste management processes in Waste Accumulation Areas, receive email alerts of waste nearing it’s accumulated, compliance days.

Save Time, Money and Aid Compliance

Large Hazardous Waste Generator
Remove the chaos of multiple spreadsheets to manage hazardous waste.
Manage Waste Profiles to ensure compliance.
Prepare and Report Lab Packs for Disposal
Easily Manage Accumulation Areas, Storage Time Tracking
Produce Manifests, eManifest, track outstanding Manifest returns
Accurately Manage Waste Streams
Advanced Labeling provides compliance and clarity in Labeling
Mobile App allows you to easily and efficiently manage inventory


Do I need Barcode Readers to use the system?

No, our Mobile App is available on all App Stores and runs on smartphones or tablets using iOS, Android, or Windows 10. Specialized devices for use in explosive areas are also supported.

How do I print Drum Labels with Barcodes / QR Codes?

The software includes a label design facility for creating and printing labels with Hazard Symbols and QR Codes. It supports multiple label designs for different purposes, such as internal tracking or public road shipment. Default Label Designs come with the software.

Does the software generate US eManifest and other regulatory reports?

Yes, the software can generate US eManifest, waste manifests for other locations, and comes pre-loaded with common hazardous waste reports. Custom reports can also be produced by IMEC as required.

Can the software manage waste pickup locations?

Yes, waste pickup locations can be managed, with waste being tracked from the pickup location through to final disposal.

Can the system manage multiple sites and waste profiles/streams?

Yes, our hazardous waste management software can manage multiple sites from the web with full security to ensure only authorized access. It also manages all relevant information on Waste Streams, including transport information, waste characteristics, EPA waste codes, waste components, and chemical analysis data, with no limit on the number of waste streams/profiles.

Can I track Bins / Containers that are left at pickup / customer locations?

Yes, Bins /Containers that are left at pickup locations/customer sites can be tracked within the software.

Can the system manage Lab Packs?

Yes, the system can manage Lab Smalls, and Lab Packing/Shipping.

How can I manage onsite disposal?

IMEC’s Hazardous waste management software enables efficient onsite disposal management through customizable operations, comprehensive waste stream tracking, and real-time alerts for compliance and waste status.

Do you provide training / onboarding?

Yes, we offer comprehensive onboarding and training to ensure quick and effective system adoption, maximizing your return on investment.

Can you track Non-Haz Waste?

Yes, the system can track and manage non-hazardous waste too.

Demonstrate Compliance

Easily demonstrate compliance with EPA and RCRA. Be aware of outstanding manifest returns with deadline dates. No more Exception Reporting. View Waste in Accumulation Areas. Get Email Alerts of waste nearing it's compliance date. Audit trails track each waste container from cradle to grave.

Waste Inventory Management

Achieve Accurate and up to date Waste inventory. Print labels with QR codes & hazard symbols using standard office printers. Pre-print hazardous waste tracking labels. Print on demand using Web App or Mobile App.

Powerful Mobile App

App allows users to create, move, combine, and split waste at any time. Create Waste Shipments and record each container by scanning QR code. Scanning a container QR code will show its contents and history from creation.

Gain Insights

Manage waste generation practices. Dashboards and reports provide accurate waste inventory. Emails alert managers of compliance issues, for example outstanding manifest returns. Email Alerts and Dashboards show waste that needs action in central accumulation areas.

Ease the Burden of Reporting

The report generator allows users to create their own reports. This helps save time and money for both internal and external reporting.

Manage Waste Profiles

Manage waste profiles including dates, attachments and attributes. Such as Hazard Class, Disposal Codes, UN Numbers, and EPA Waste Codes.

RCRA Inspections

Inspect Hazardous Waste Areas using the App. Use Custom Forms to gather any information. Email Alerts tell managers of Overdue RCRA Inspections. Track and Manage Actions such as Lids not Closed. Hazardous Waste Labels Missing, Spills etc.

Biennial Report

Generate external and internal reports using the report generator. Such as the EPA Biennial Report.

Waste Creation

Create waste using the App or Web Portal. Record waste at any point. For example, within the department or a satellite area. Print Waste Tracking labels with QR Codes. Group Waste by Reference or Batch.

Waste Inventory

Manage waste inventory at multiple sites. A site can be a waste generator site, a disposal facility or a transfer station. Low-level waste tracking manages waste items within each Storage unit. Storage units are located within Zones. Waste inventory accuracy is achieved by using the App to record all waste activities.

Tracking Items

The Hazardous waste management software can manage the waste at a number of sites. A site can see Items that are waste created within a department. Store them in a satellite collection area. Each item has a tracking number. Stored within a storage unit.

Waste Containers

Store and manage Waste Containers within Zones. Ship containers to a disposal facility. Storage Units can be used again. These are normally identified with a metal label with a QR code.

Waste Movements

Record waste movements on the Web or App. Using the App, the user scans the QR Code on Container. This specifies the Zone. Zones can be satellite areas. They can be generation or central areas. Move Multiple Containers at once. Move a batch of Waste Containers in a single transaction. Record all waste movements within the audit trail. Full cradle to grave tracking of hazardous waste.

Weighing Waste

Place The waste container on a scale and the Mobile App will retrieve the weight. As well as that, The App updates the waste inventory. With the container weight. IMEC's hazardous waste management software allows you to manage Tare weights. To ensure the accuracy of the weights.

Waste Profiles

Waste Profiles describe the waste stream and its properties. Information is used to manage storage & disposal methods. Waste Profiles include Waste Description and Proper Shipping Name.

Waste Tracking Labels

Print waste labels with barcodes to identify waste. Move or add Waste Containers to the Shipment. The App improves speed & accuracy.

Waste Compliance Dates

An accumulation area has a number of days allowed. Email alerts send users a list of containers nearing their days allowed. For example, if the waste compliance zone is for 90 days, alerts are sent at 80 days.

Waste Treatment Routes

Treatment Routes are used to ensure that waste is placed in the correct area. Waste can be associated with a treatment route prior to arrival on-site. Alternatively, a treatment route can be set using Work with Waste Inventory.

Combining Waste

Waste moved from one container to another is called a combination. The waste in the combined container is tracked. The original source of each waste item or container is also known. The system will track any amount of combinations. This provides the controls needed for compliance. Our hazardous waste management software simplifies dealing with volumes of waste.

Central Accumulation Areas

The system knows when waste enters an accumulation area and when it must leave. Move Waste into an accumulation Area using the App. Define Alerts based on time that waste is in an accumulation area. 90-day alerts are emailed to managers. Create Any number of alerts.

Hazardous Waste Stock Check

Use the App to perform a waste stock check. Improve waste inventory accuracy by performing monthly stock checks. The purpose of a stock check is to record the physical location of containers. The hazardous waste stock check results are applied to the waste inventory. Accurate Waste Inventory ensures customers are compliant.

Splitting Waste

Splitting a container can be done using the App. The splits are tracked and if combined are also tracked.

Outstanding Manifests Returns

Know which manifest returns are overdue. Get alerts when manifest returns are nearing their due date. Managers are alerted to overdue manifest returns. Eliminate exception reporting to state and federal authorities.

Shipping and Disposal

The system allows onsite disposal or shipment of waste offsite for disposal. Each waste container is recorded on the shipment. Shipping documentation including manifests can be printed. Custom shipping documents can also be created. eManifest is also available when shipping. Using eManifest reduces costs for the waste generator.

Disposing / Treating Waste

Dispose waste using the Dispose function on the App. Dispose waste using a number of methods. These include by Batch, Container or Zone. Waste can also be grouped by profile for disposal. IMEC's hazardous waste management software manages waste from creation to disposal.

Audit Logging

The audit log shows all waste activities. These include waste movements, creation, combining, splitting and shipping. The log records the user, time, date, and zone. The audit log can be used to show compliance.

Hazardous Waste Management Software – Key features

Our Hazardous Waste Management Software gives cradle-to-grave tracking of waste.  A Full Audit trail shows all of the waste activities. Our hazardous waste tracking software has the ability to print the shipping documents that are needed by your state and country. The software can also manage eManifest in the US and other online manifest systems.


The Web App allows you to have real-time access to data.

This allows users to see their waste streams & waste inventory.

The software gives you full visibility and full control of your hazardous waste inventory.

Managing central and satellite waste accumulation areas is simplified. As waste enters the accumulation areas it is labelled and a QR code scanned to identify the waste.  The time and effort in managing compliance of waste accumulation areas is greatly reduced.

The software will control your storage and waste disposal processes. EPA and RCRA compliance is made simple.

Record waste movements through a streamlined user interface.  It streamlines your waste operations. Waste Management processes and tracking software save time and money in managing waste.

The App allows for:


  • Waste Creation.
  • Splitting and Combining of Containers.
  • Waste Container Movements.
  • Stock Checking of Waste Inventory.
  • Waste Shipping.
  • The result is full cradle-to-grave tracking of waste


Hazardous Waste Management Software – Features

  • Manage Waste Shipments and Manifests
  • Manage Compliance of Satellite Accumulation Areas, 90 day areas.
  • The system tracks the time against the allowed days for an accumulation area. Nearing its compliance days, alerts are sent to the appropriate users. These are known as Waste Age Email Alerts.
  • View all Waste Inventory and Movements using a Powerful Web Portal. Users can move, ship, and perform waste transactions to use their inventory.
  • Our Hazardous waste software provides cradle-to-grave tracking of waste.
  • Integration with Other Systems using Open API.
  • Easily manage waste streams in accordance with waste regulations.
  • Track a waste stream going into a disposal facility.
  • Improve waste reporting of waste data and waste manifests
  • A hazardous waste management system that aids with compliance. Accurate waste inventory and streamlined operations are the result.
  • Manage RCRA Waste Area Inspections by Inspecting Waste Areas and Waste Containers
  • This hazardous waste management software allows users in the field to manage the inventory of waste. Users can Create and Move Waste. Bulk Up or Combine Waste. Split Waste and Manage Waste Work Orders.

Hazardous Waste Management Software – Global Software

Our Software provides cradle-to-grave tracking of hazardous waste. It is a cloud-based waste inventory system. IMEC’s hazardous waste management software handles the difficulty in managing waste. Waste streams that come from many sources where the contents of a container are mixed.

Corporate, Federal and State Reporting is achieved using the powerful Report Builder. For example, TRI reporting, Biennial Reporting.

The software can be used in two main uses cases:

  • Large Quantity Generators
  • Environmental Services companies

We serve large quantity waste generators in sectors such as:






Large Repair Facilities

We also serve Environmental Services Companies that service Generators.

A key part of what we do is our ability to:

Handle the complexity involved in managing and providing inventory tracking of waste that comes from many sources. Low-level tracking where the contents in each container are complex, possibly split.

For Waste Generators: We track how long waste is in Compliance Areas. We track and manage Outstanding Manifest Returns. We provide Waste Labeling, Shipping, and management of Waste Profiles. We also provide the ability to inspect waste areas to aid compliance.

Cradle to Grave Waste Tracking

Track your waste from point of generation through to disposal. Mobile App can be used to perform transactions in the field, ensuring real-time updates to your inventory.

Waste Profile Management

Centrally manage all your Waste Profiles, including setting regulatory data such was EPA Waste Codes, UN Number, Proper Shipping name etc. Manage Waste Constituents. Attach relevant documents.

Accumulation Areas

Manage your SAA & CAA areas. Track when containers enter the Central Accumulation Area and use Dashboards and Email Alerts to track days accumulated, ensuring you remain compliant.

Label Printing

Label templates are customizable, ensuring you can produce labels to meet your site & regulatory requirements.

Manage Shipments & Manifests

Plan what’s going on a shipment using our planning tool, including ability to limit weight and container count based on trailer type. Give contractor summary report of what is going on shipment. Generate Manifest / eManifest. Track and manage outstanding manifests and perform manifest return.

Lab Packing

Easily perform Lab Packing with compatibility checks. Generate Lab Pack Inventory reports.

Cost Tracking

Track costs & rebates for your waste using customizable billing fields.

Waste Reporting & Dashboards

Produce regulatory and site reports. Use Dashboards to quickly identify potential compliance issues and analyze data for your site, such was waste generated summaries, shipments summaries etc.

Hazardous Waste Management Software – Types of Industries

There are many industries using IMEC’s products. Some of these include:

Hazardous Waste Management Software

IMEC’s hazardous waste management software gives cradle-to-grave tracking of waste. Hazardous waste generators use it to manage their hazardous waste inventory. Managing and tracking their hazardous waste from cradle to grave. With resulting savings in time and money.

Manage waste inventory at generator, transfer & disposal sites.

Biennial Report, TRI Reporting.

Using IMEC’s Hazardous Waste Management Software can produce Federal, State and Corporate reports easily using the report generator. This saves time and money for the EHS department or those that manage compliance with hazardous waste regulations.

Hazardous Waste Tracking Software – Why organizations are adopting it.

Manage hazardous waste at your site or disposal facility to stay in line with hazardous waste regulations.

Waste labels are attached to waste drums. This makes waste manifests easy to track. Therefore, ensuring compliance with federal regulations.

Improve your decision-making through the use of data.

Our Hazardous Waste Management software solution is web-based. It helps companies to:

  • Shows cradle-to-grave tracking.
  • Waste profiles, storage, and recycling are made simple.
  • Create recycling and storage reporting using the rport generator.
  • Label Waste Containers with the correct EPA and DOT information.
  • Track Outstanding Manifests to reduce reporting to EPA.
  • The Software Manages Profiles. This gives a central location for definitions.
  • Manage Shipments, Transporter, and Final Disposer
  • Provide on-demand compliance and performance reporting.
  • Manage the waste disposal from pickup to final disposal.


The product helps customer to be compliant with regulations.

IMEC’s waste software addresses all the needs of waste generators. Waste generators can be small or large hazardous waste generators.

This product will track waste from creation through to disposal. It gives features to track waste containers or drums. Combine Hazardous Waste drums by scanning the barcode on the drum’s waste label. Record and track all waste inventory movements.

The Mobile App allows users to create, move, combine, and dispose of waste. The Mobile App can manage non-hazardous and hazardous waste.