Extinguisher Inspection Software


Never Miss an Inspection

Track all Inspections, Email Alerts: Due, Past Due Inspections.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Scan, Inspect, available on iOS, Android, Windows, Phones & Tablets

Flexible, Fast Reporting

Monthly Reports, Summary, Detail, Build Custom Reports

Automate Your Inspections

Fire Extinguishers, AED's, Eyewash, Grease Traps, Labs, Facilities etc

Full Inspection History

History of All Inspections, Date, Time, User and Checklist

Inspect By Location, Due Date

Make Sure All Items are Inspected, Streamline your Fire Safety Inspections.

Nothing to Install

Fully Hosted, Quickly Implement Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software.

Force Scan

Use Any Barcode & Force Scan to Ensure Inspections must be done at correct location.

Fire Extinguisher Barcode System - Some Customers

Force The Inspector to Scan A Barcode

Using our extinguisher inspection system allows you to ensure the correct item is inspected. To do this, you can force the Inspector to Scan the Barcode. Also, give proof to managers that the Inspector was at the Correct Location. Forcing a barcode scan also removes the possibility of fraudulent inspections.

Manage Movable Items

Unfortunately, Fire Extinguishers may Fail an Inspection. In these cases, the user can also decide to remove the device from service and also create a deficiency. Using the Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking App, the user is able to scan the device barcode and also move it to a repair area. The system can also remove a failed unit from Service.

Never Miss an Inspection

Email Alerts are also sent to managers for upcoming or past due inspections. Email Alerts can be filtered by Building, Location and also Device Type. As well as this, many filter options are available. Alerts can be daily, weekly or also monthly. Thankfully, Dashboards Show Managers Any Missed Inspections.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

IMEC's Software can also perform any type of Inspection. Inspect Extinguishers, Pumps, and also Alarms etc. Manage NFPA Inspections. Identify each device/area with a barcode. Start the Inspection by also Scanning the barcode.

Inspection Scheduling

Each time an inspection is done the system will also schedule the next one. Thankfully, this means that users never have to remember to schedule an Inspection. Schedule inspections for any number of days, weeks, months or also years. Schedule Inspections to a user or also a group.

Track Failed Inspections

Our fire extinguisher tracking system also allows you to Create Actions for Failed Inspections. Thankfully, you can Email Actions to the correct people based on the rules you have in place. View actions on the Web or also Mobile App. Add proof, such as photos to close a corrective action. Dashboards show On Time Close Rates and also Overdue Actions etc.

Inspection Routes

Thankfully, Routes allows you to decide which devices to inspect in a location. Users can also be forced to scan the Barcode to start the inspection. As well as this, Reasons must be given for skipping inspections. Routes also make sure no inspections are ever missed while using our extinguisher inspection system.


Thankfully, the software will also manage fire safety inspections across any number of locations. Use Any Barcode and also benefit from Email Alerts when inspections are due. Move, Track Items by scanning a barcode and also Full Inspection Scheduling. Track each item's location and also when inspections are due using our extinguisher inspection system.

Getting Started with IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

Luckily, we provide everything you need. Get your Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software up and running. Track all of your fire safety inspections and also equipment. The system is a completed hosted inspection and also tracking solution. Optimize your fire inspection reports.

Installing the Software

  • The fire extinguisher tracking system is a completed hosted inspection and also tracking solution. Our fire extinguisher tracking system totally simplifies the tracking process.

Downloading the Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Mobile App

  • As well as this, Download the Mobile App from any of the App Stores. Then Logon. Start tracking fire extinguisher inspections in minutes.
  • As well as this, there is no need for Mobile Computers. The App works on iOS, Android & also Windows. Phones and also Tablets are supported.

Is there Training on the Fire Equipment Inspection Tracking Software?

  • We provide onboarding and also training. The system ensures all fire extinguisher inspections and also tracks. As well as this, our software will ensure compliance. Use IMEC’s Fire Equipment Inspection Software as a compliance tool.
  • A knowledge base is available that also covers all aspects of the software. Knowledge base articles also include helpful videos. These Articles ensure your staff can manage and also track all inspections that are due.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software

  • You can also Scan and inspect using the Mobile App. The App works Online and also Offline. Reduce Reporting headaches with dashboards and also Reports. Manage and also Track Failures with our fire extinguisher tracking system.
  • Dashboards show Results, Passes and also Fails. As well as this, you can Create Corrective Actions with deadlines.

Barcode Labels for Fire Extinguishers

  • You can also use Any Barcode to identify each item. Thankfully, you are able to scan the barcode with The Mobile App to start an Inspection. Works indoors and also outdoors using our fire extinguisher inspection software.

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form

For Annual Maintenance use a licensed Fire Protection Service Company.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Dating Requirements

  • Record the Month, Day, Year and also initials of inspector as per NFPA 10-1998.

Inspection Records

  • Record all fire extinguishers inspected.
  • Frequency of inspection is at least monthly.
  • Record the inspection on a tag or label attached to the fire extinguisher. Or inspection checklists maintained on file.
  • Use Electronic systems or also software to track inspections. A fire extinguisher barcode inspection software system, for instance.
  • Records can be in an Electronic Fire Extinguisher Inspection System.

Fire Extinguisher Barcodes

  • Barcode labels identify each fire extinguisher.
  • Barcoding will aid in the inspection process. This also reduces the time needed to perform each inspection, for instance.
  • Using barcode scanners to track each inspection saves time.
  • Use Fire equipment inspection software as a general inspection tool. Inspect fire doors, Emergency Showers, AEDs, and also work areas, etc.

Who uses IMEC’s Software?

Thankfully, any company can use IMEC’s Software. The system will also manage all your fire extinguisher inspection programs.

What Industries Can use this Software?

What Can I Inspect with IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software?

IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software is also very flexible. Thankfully, the inspection categories that IMEC provides provide the user with many options. Customers can define what they want to inspect and also have the ability to customize their very own questions. Some examples of the customizable questions include The Pass and Fail conditions and also What response will fail or pass. Corrective actions can also be created for failures. Some of the Use cases include Fire and Life Safety, Equipment and also Buildings. As well as this, Inspection routes allow users to easily manage fire life safety inspections in large facilities.

Fire and Life Safety Inspection Software – Types of Inspections?

Life Safety Inspections

Fire Equipment Inspections

Visual Inspection of Sprinklers


Fire Pump Types

What are the Standard Dashboards in IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software?

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Statistics

Thankfully, our software Provides Inspections completed on Time rates. Examples are Fire Doors, Fire Extinguishers, and also E Lights. The Dashboards show Pass / Fail Rates for each Safety Device. Dashboards have filters by Date and also Facility.

Missed Fire Extinguisher Inspections

This feature provides a list of All missed Inspections. The Dashboard shows Location, Fire extinguisher number and also Due Date. Results of the Previous Inspections are also shown.

Locations Overview

Shows the Inspections Completed by Location. This can also be for each Inspector in Each Location.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections Corrected During an Inspection on Site

The Dashboard shows the rate of items corrected. Corrected on site and also gives managers data on common problems.

Upcoming and Overdue Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire extinguishers are to be inspected monthly. Certified people must do the annual fire extinguisher inspection. Anyone can do a monthly fire extinguisher inspection. Once they have sufficient knowledge. Checks must be as the per the fire code.

Other Fire Safety Inspection Dashboards

IMEC’s fire extinguisher inspection system also provides managers with dashboards. Dashboards show upcoming and also overdue inspections. Dashboards can be both monthly and annual. Filter Dashboards by inspection point or type or area.

Many Other Reports and Dashboards are available. Manage all your inspections.  Fire Extinguisher Inspections or Fire Door Inspections. Any type of Safety Inspections.

IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software is also an extremely powerful compliance tool. You can also use the software to manage all fire extinguisher inspections.

Report Builder within IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Tracking Software?

Thankfully, IMEC’s Inspection Report Builder meets customers reporting needs. The Report Builder als0 provides custom reports. Inspection Reports can be summary or also detail. Reports can also be emailed to customers or managers.

Inspection Detail Reports

Detail reports show the completed forms and also questions. As well as this, Details Reports show each completed Fire Extinguisher Inspection. The report can be for any Safety Device Inspection. These reports also prove to an auditor that inspections were done.

Inspection Summary Reports

Thankfully, Summary Reports can be for any or Safety Device. Reports show all completed inspections within a date range. Filter options include Type of Inspection, Building or also Area.

The Fire Extinguisher Inspection summary shows unit, result, comment.

The Inspection Summary Reports show all inspections completed for a month.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software Summary Reports also have header sections. Headers are adaptable for each customer.  Customers can print their Logo on Inspection Reports. Users can email Inspection Reports after each inspection.

Summary reports also provide annual reports for the joint commission. These reports show the Initials of the inspector of each device per month.

Extinguisher Inspection Software – Return?

Fire extinguisher inspection system return using barcodes?

  • Firstly, the amount of time employees spends doing each inspection.
  • Secondly, the average hourly wage of employees doing the inspection.
  • Thirdly, the amount of time performing data entry and filing for each inspection.
  • Fourthly, the average hourly wage of employees that do data entry and also filing.
  • Finally, the amount of time it takes to answer a query about an inspection.

Use the above information to work out your return on investment. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software also give high returns.

Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking Software – Other Features

There is also no limit to the number of items that can be scanned or tracked. Manage all inspections with IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking Software.

Maintain Compliance with National Fire Protection Association. History of All Inspections shows closed Corrective Actions. Also, track failures against Fire Codes.

Perform Monthly Inspections and also Improve Fire Protection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Mobile App Features

  • IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking System Mobile App also runs on all devices. Customers can use Rugged and also Android Devices if they wish.
  • The software is used as an Extinguisher Inspection Software system. Other Uses also include inspecting Equipment, Vehicles and Buildings. A complete Safety Inspection Solution.

Extinguisher Inspection Software – Barcode Scanning

  • Thankfully, you can Simply Scan the QR Code to start the Fire Extinguisher Scanner on the App. Scan the asset label barcode to start the inspection.
  • In order to maximize ease of use, there is Nothing to Install. All customer existing data is also stored in a Secure Cloud Service (Tier 4). Get the App from the App Stores.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software in Large Facilities

  • You can also Perform Inspections by Location. Users specify the facility and location to be inspected.
  • Select the Inspection categories. For example, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Doors, Eyewash Stations or also Fire Pumps.
  • Only see inspections that are due, this week, this month or even also today. As inspections are done, they are removed from the list. This also ensures that an inspection is never missed.
  • Full Inspection Scheduling for any number of Days, Weeks, Months or also Years.
  • The entire History of Completed Inspections can also be viewed on the web. Thankfully, the Inspection History aids compliance.  The Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking Software is also capable of managing all of your inspections.
  • IMEC’s fire extinguisher inspection tracking software provides unlimited Inspection Types means you can also Inspect any Fire Safety Device.