Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software

Our fire extinguisher inspection software offers unmatched precision and reliability, streamlining your safety & compliance with ease. A solution that boosts operational efficiency and provides peace of mind by keeping your fire extinguishers ready and functional at all times.

Managing almost 600 fire extinguisher inspections per month, across 10 buildings, knowing where each device is and its condition, instantly seeing the results has enabled us to proactively correct any findings ensuring we remain compliant with our inspections.

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Build Custom Forms

Build Fully Customizable Checklists, Forms. You Can Collect any Form of Data. Checklists can have mandatory and/or optional questions.

Manage Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions are created from Inspection Failures. Actions are given to the correct People, with Due Dates.

East to Use Mobile App

Powerful Inspection App. Implement your compliance program in every plant, location. Available on all devices.

Save Time, Money and Aid Compliance

fire extinguisher inspections
Never miss an inspection
Online and Offline
Proactive email alerts
Full online history of inspections
Complete compliance inspections anytime, anywhere
Simple to use
Get monthly reports and summaries


How quickly can we set up your fire extinguisher barcode inspection software across various locations?

The timeframe of our fire extinguisher inspection software varies based on your operational scale and the number of fire extinguishers to be managed. Typically, businesses can complete inspections and have the system fully operational in just a few days to a week. Our team collaborates with yours to ensure an efficient setup, including the creation of barcode labels and integration with mobile devices, saving time and enhancing workplace safety across all your locations.

Can your fire extinguisher software integrate with existing fire safety and facility management systems?

Absolutely, our fire extinguisher inspection software is designed for flexibility and can be integrated seamlessly with a broad array of fire safety inspection and facility management tools. This capability ensures a smooth flow of existing data, optimizes the inspection process for fire protection equipment, and supports compliance with NFPA standards. Our technicians will work alongside your team to ensure your existing systems and our software work together perfectly.

What's the capacity of your inspection software to manage fire extinguishers across multiple buildings?

Our extinguisher inspection software is scalable, capable of managing large volumes of fire extinguishers and conducting detailed inspections in any size of organization—from a single building to a global enterprise with locations worldwide. The software supports the inspection of not only fire extinguishers but also fire sprinkler systems, eyewash stations, and other safety devices, ensuring they are in the correct location and functioning as per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other regulatory standards.

Is training provided for new users?

We provide extensive online and, when applicable, on-site training sessions to ensure your inspectors, technicians, and maintenance staff are proficient in using our fire inspection software. Our support extends post-purchase with access to a dedicated customer support team, regular updates, and comprehensive reporting tools to efficiently manage inspection data, maintenance tasks, and ensure compliance with NFPA forms and safety regulations.

How does software automate the tracking of inspection & maintenance schedules?

Our software automates the scheduling and tracking of safety inspections and maintenance tasks for fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment. It utilizes barcode scanning of QR codes or serial numbers on each safety device to log inspection results instantly on mobile devices, sends alerts for upcoming inspections, and helps manage inspection routes efficiently. This automation ensures adherence to inspection requirements, saves time for your business, and enhances overall safety.

How does your software protect the data of our fire extinguishers?

Data privacy and security are crucial to our fire extinguisher software. We use advanced encryption for data in transit and at rest, and perform regular security audits to protect your inspection records, historical data, and compliance documentation. This ensures your data, including details from NFPA standards and inspection forms, is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel, supporting both safety and compliance purposes.

Force The Inspector to Scan A Barcode

You can inspect the item with our extinguisher inspection system. To do this, you can force the person to Scan the Barcode. Give proof to managers that the person was at the right area. Doing a barcode scan takes away the chance of wrong inspections.

Manage Movable Items

The Fire Extinguishers may fail a job. The user is able to decide to remove the device. Using the Fire Extinguisher Inspection App. The user is able to scan the barcode. You can move it to a repair area. The system can remove a failed unit.

Never Miss an Inspection

The Email Alerts are sent to managers for the jobs that are upcoming. They are set up to notify you when there are past due jobs. Email Alerts can be by Building, Area and Type. As well as this, many filter options are there. Alerts can be daily, weekly or monthly. Dashboards Show Managers Any Missed jobs.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

IMEC's Software can do any type of job. Look at Pumps and Alarms etc. Manage NFPA Jobs. Find each device/area with a barcode. Start the job by looking at the barcode.

Inspection Scheduling

Each time a job is done, the extinguisher inspection system will plan the next one for you. This means that users don't have to remember to plan a job. You can plan jobs for any number of days, weeks, months or years. Plan jobs to a user or a group.

Track Failed Inspections

Our fire extinguisher tracking system allows you to Create Actions. You can Email the right people on the rules you have in place. View actions on the Web or App. Add proof, such as photos to close an action. Dashboards show On Time Close Rates and Actions etc.

Inspection Routes

The Routes allow you to decide what devices to do in an area. People can be forced to scan the Barcode to start the job. As well as this, give reasons must for skipping steps. Routes make sure no jobs are missed. While you are using our extinguisher inspection system.


The extinguisher inspection system will manage fire safety looking across a number of areas. You are able to use Any Barcode. You can benefit from Email Alerts when jobs are due. Move, Track Items by scanning a barcode and Full planning. Track each item's place. Jobs are due using our extinguisher inspection system. It is easy to use.

Getting Started with IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode System.

Get your Fire Extinguisher Barcode System up and running today. Track all of your fire safety equipment.

  • The system is very easy to setup and use. The software can be a complete fire and  life safety inspection software. Our fire extinguisher tracking system makes the tracking process easy.

Downloading the Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking App

  • The App works on iOS, Android & Windows. It supports both Phones & Tablets.
  • Is there any Training on the Fire Equipment Inspection Tracking Software? We provide you on boarding and training. The system ensures that all fire extinguisher inspections are tracked. Use IMEC’s Fire Equipment Inspection Software as a compliance tool.
  • Knowledge base articles include helpful videos. These Articles ensure your staff can manage and track all inspections that are due.

Fire Extinguisher Barcode System:

  • You can scan and inspect using the App. The App works Online and Offline. Use dashboards and Reports. Manage and Track Failures with our fire extinguisher tracking system.
  • Dashboards show Results, Passes and Fails. As well as this, you can Create Actions.
  • You can use Any Barcode to identify see each item. Simply scan the barcode to start an inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Dating 

  • Record the Month, Day, Year, and initials of the inspector as per NFPA 10-1998 on your inspection forms.

Inspection Records

  • Record all the fire extinguishers inspected.
  • Inspect it monthly with our extinguisher inspection software.
  • You can record on a tag or label. Or checklists on file.
  • Use systems to track. A extinguisher barcode inspection software system, for instance.
  • Records can be in a Extinguisher Inspection System.

Fire Extinguisher Barcodes

  • Labels identify each item.
  • Barcoding helps in the process. This reduces the time to perform an inspection, for instance.
  • Using barcode scanners to track each saves time.
  • Use Fire equipment inspection software as a tool. Inspect doors, Showers, AEDs, and work areas, etc.
  • The software saves time and money. Remove the need to use paper records.

Who uses IMEC’s Software?

Any company can use IMEC’s Software. The system will manage all your programs.

What Industries Can use this?

  • Our software is easy to use. If you have any jobs to be done, our product is the one for you.
  • Our technicians have developed and efficient way to inspect extinguishers and gain comprehensive inspection results.

What Can I Inspect with IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software?

IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software is easy to use. The extinguisher software provides many options to the customer.  They can inspect anything at any time. Build custom Forms with custom questions. The system will create actions for items that fail. Some Use cases include Life Safety, equipment inspections, and room inspections.

10 Types of Inspections that can be done:

Life Safety

Fire Equipment


As you can see, our product fits into many types of roles. Get signed up today.

Fire Pump Types

What are the Standard Dashboards in IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software?

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Statistics

Our software provides you with the jobs completed and on-time rates. Some examples are Fire Doors, Fire Extinguishers, and E Lights. Dashboards show Pass / Fail Rates with device filters. Dashboards can be filtered by Date & place.

Missed Fire Extinguisher Inspections

This feature gives you a list of All missed jobs. The Dashboard shows several things. These include location, Fire extinguisher number, and due Date. The extinguisher software shows the results of the previous jobs that have been done.


Shows the jobs Completed by site. This can be for each job in each site.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections Corrected During an Inspection on Site

The Dashboard shows the rate of items fixed on site. This gives managers data on repeat failures.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Inspect Fire extinguishers every month. Checks that must be as per the fire code.

Other Fire Safety Inspection Dashboards

IMEC’s fire extinguisher inspection system provides managers with dashboards. Dashboards show upcoming inspections. They show you inspections that have gone by their due date. Dashboards can be both monthly and annual. It is up to you. You can filter Dashboards by job point or type. You can filter by area.

There are many Other Reports and Dashboards available for you to see. Manage all of your inspections. These can be Fire Extinguisher Inspections or Fire doors. Any type of Safety Inspection. Our software covers any type of job.

Inspect as frequently as you wish. You can either inspect daily, monthly or yearly. A fire safety inspection has never been so easy.

IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software is a tool. You can use the software to manage all of your fire extinguisher inspections.

Report Builder within IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Tracking Software?

IMEC’s Inspection Report Builder meets customers reporting needs. The Report Builder provides reports for your fire extinguisher inspection software. Reports can be summarized or detailed. Reports can be emailed to customers or managers.

Inspection Detail Reports

Reports can show the form’s questions and answers. The report can be for any device. These reports show that inspections were done and on what date.

Inspection Summary Reports

Reports can be for any Safety Device. Reports show all of the completed items in a date range. Some of the options include Type of item, Building or Area, result, and comment.

The Summary Reports show all of the jobs done that month.

The joint commission report is available. This report shows the Initials of the inspector of each device per month. This report helps manage compliance and avoid large fines.

Extinguisher Inspection Software – What is the return?

Fire extinguisher inspection system return using barcodes?

  • Firstly, the amount of time employees spend.
  • The average wage of employees doing the work.
  • The amount of time doing data entry and filing for each job.
  • The Average wage of employees that do data entry and filing.
  • the amount of time it takes to answer a question about a job.
  • Use the above to work out your return on investment. Extinguisher Tracking Software gives high returns.
  • As you can see, there are many benefits to using our software. Get set up today and start taking control of your business. Avoid large fines. Speed up how you do jobs. Save money and time.

Fire Extinguisher Barcode System: A Comprehensive Solution for Safety Inspections

In a world where workplace safety is paramount, a fire extinguisher barcode system has emerged as an indispensable tool. Complying with the stringent standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), these software solutions have revolutionized the process of inspecting fire protection equipment, including fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems.

Fire protection should be of the utmost importance.

Streamlining the Inspection Process

Traditionally, inspections were a laborious task involving extensive paperwork. The introduction of a fire extinguisher barcode system product has made this process more efficient, enabling inspectors to save time and complete inspections with precision.

The best fire inspection software provides a comprehensive platform to manage large volumes of inspection data. It allows users to schedule recurring inspections, track inspection history, and stay on top of compliance tasks. This not only ensures adherence to NFPA inspections requirements but also upholds workplace safety.

With the help of mobile devices, employees can conduct monthly visual inspections at the correct location. The ability to capture photos and mark the exact location of each inspected item, along with its serial number, significantly enhances the accuracy of the results.

Enhancing Efficiency with Mobile Technology

The use of mobile technology in inspection software has further streamlined the process. Employees can now access NFPA forms, custom reports, and existing data on their mobile device, enabling them to complete inspections on-the-go. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, thereby saving significant amounts of time.

Moreover, the software allows inspectors to plan their Inspection routes efficiently. They can prioritize certain areas or equipment based on previous history, ensuring no area is overlooked.

Ensuring Compliance with NFPA Standards

IMEC’s fire extinguisher barcode system adheres to the rigorous standards set by the NFPA. The software is designed to meet these requirements, ensuring all inspections are up-to-date and in compliance with the NFPA. This not only maintains safety but also protects businesses from potential legal complications.

The Bottom Line

A Fire Extinguisher barcode system is a powerful tool for any business dealing with fire extinguishers. By streamlining the safety process, it enables inspectors to work more efficiently. With its ability to manage large volumes of data, plan routes, and ensure adherence to NFPA standards, this Fire Extinguisher barcode system is a game-changer in safety inspections.

Fire safety and fire protection are incredibly important.

Strong inspection forms help with achieving safety. You can now easily schedule inspections regularly while meeting nfpa inspection requirements.

Investing in a Fire Extinguisher barcode system can save businesses time, resources, and potential legal headaches. Most importantly, it upholds the sanctity of safety, ensuring protection equipment is always ready to do its job when needed. It can also do the job while being in line with the National Fire Protection Association.

Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking Software – Features

Track and scan any number of items. Manage with Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking Software.

History of All jobs shows closed Actions. Track failures with Codes.

Do Monthly jobs and Improve FProtection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking App Features

  • Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking System is on all devices. Customers can use Rugged and Android Devices if they wish.
  • Use it as an Extinguisher Inspection Software system. Other Uses also include inspecting Equipment, cars, and Buildings. A complete Safety Inspection Solution.

Extinguisher Inspection Software – Barcode Scanning

  • You can Scan the QR Code to start the Fire Extinguisher Scanner on the App. Scan the asset label barcode to start the job.
  • There is Nothing to Install. Store all customer data in a Cloud (Tier 4). Get the App from the App Stores.
  • Make sure that you always check extinguishers. Make sure to inspect and always have been inspected according to nfpa

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software in Large Facilities

  • You can do jobs by area. Users note the time and place to be done.
  • Select the type. For example, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Doors, Eyewash stations, or Fire Pumps.
  • Only see inspections that are due, this week, this month, or even today. When finished, remove jobs from the list. This makes sure that an inspection is done.
  • Full Inspection for any number of Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.
  • The History of Inspections can be seen on the web. The History aids compliance. Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Tracking Software. It can do all of your jobs.
  • Fire extinguisher inspection tracking software. It gives all Types. This means you can Inspect any Fire Device.