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How to turn safety data into information to reduce workplace incidents – Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do to reduce workplace incidents was follow a set of safety measures? You’d simply implement a bullet-point list and better safety records would soon be on the horizon.

Unfortunately, safety professionals know it’s not that simple. What makes sense on paper might not always translate well to the real world with regards to workplace incidents. Every workplace is different, and each is staffed with employees of different backgrounds, so you can never be too sure you’ve covered all your safety bases. Everyone reacts to hazards in a different way!

So, what does an EHS manager to do?

Make Use of Safety Data by Performing Reviews

One way to bridge the gap between generalized, all-purpose rules on paper and your workplace environment is to always review your workplace incidents and accident data.

You may have done everything you thought necessary to prevent workplace incidents only to find out too late you weren’t even close. That usually happens when safety managers aren’t reviewing their data. Remember: collecting data is only the first step towards improving safety.

Learning how accidents took place will help you understand the unique scenario that led to each workplace incident in your business.

Find Out Where the Problem Is

Maybe you need more employee training. Maybe the safety signage is not optimal, or perhaps cross-level communication isn’t encouraged so there’s a breakdown in the information-gathering process. Every workplace will face its own unique set of challenges.

To prevent injuries you need to concentrate your efforts in the right places. Your employees are separated by location and their roles within the various departments and functions in the business. By closely scrutinizing your data, you can find out where workplace incident rates are the highest (for example, is it in the production area or loading bay?). Then, tailor your safety programs for those areas and employees to see more dramatic improvements.

Compare Your Data with the Numbers from similar companies in your industry

Are your safety performance metrics in line with industry standards? Should you raise your expectations? Only carefully-kept data will reveal how you compare across your industry.

EHS managers and safety professionals have a tough job, but by learning how to leverage data the right way, they may start making better decisions for the best outcome possible: a safer workplace for all employees.

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