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20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts

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20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts

In this post we offer 20 Important Safety Tips for Forklifts to reduce workplace injuries and increase worker safety.

OSHA statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year, 42 percent of which come from the operator being crushed by a tipping vehicle ( We can reduce those numbers by ensuring all of our warehouse workers are not only properly educated and trained to safely operate forklifts but are also refreshed on important safety details. It’s the duty of everyone in a warehouse to remind each other the proper safety procedure when not only operating a forklift but working near one as a pedestrian. To help do that, here are 20 safety tips for forklifts operation.

  1. Operators must be qualified.
  2. Appropriate clothing must be worn
  3. Examine Equipment before use
  4. Before Starting the forklift ensure all controls are within easy reach and seating is correct
  5. Consider the surrounding environment
  6. Operate at a safe speed
  7. Avoids possible hazards
  8. Ensure your load is stable and secure
  9. Make sure you have clear visibility
  10. Do not let others ride on forklift, forklifts are for carrying loads only
  11. Keep clear of the Mast
  12. Ramps – move forward up ramps and reverse down ramps
  13. Do not overload the forklift
  14. Ensure the load is evenly distributed
  15. Refuel only at speciality designed locations
  16. AT shift end park in a designated area. Lower the forks and apply brake.
  17. Perform inspections prior to using a forklift.
  18. Following forklift refuelling procedures.
  19. Understand and follow good practice to ensure forklift stability and load stability
  20. Separate forklift and pedestrian traffic in work areas


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