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Tips for Conducting Your Next Forklift Safety Inspection – It’s no secret that one of the best ways to keep workers out of harm’s way is to abide by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations. One of OSHA’s standards states that employers must carry out safety inspections, especially on larges pieces of equipment like forklifts.

To do that, employers can implement and comply with the following requirements and recommended practices:

Conducting a Visual Check

Before the operator steps inside, you should look over the horn; brakes; gas supply; oil, water, and hydraulic fluid levels; finger guards; lights and tires to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

A vehicle in need of repair, defective or in any way unsafe, should not be driven and should be taken out of service immediately. Any problems should be recorded and reported to a supervisor. It’s critical to let workers know that they will not be able to use the forklift until it is fully repaired.

Performing an operating inspection


Once the visual check is completed, move onto the inside of the lift. Turn it on and evaluate the steering. Is it hard to turn or loose? If so, that should be noted. Are the service breaks, horn and signals working? In the event these parts don’t appear to be malfunctioning, your employees should be able to operate the forklift.


Execute and Record these inspections on a regular frequency

OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least daily before they are used. If forklifts are used on a round-the-clock basis, they must be examined after each shift.

While OSHA does not require that forklift inspections be documented, recording your findings using an inspection checklist is a good idea because it can provide evidence to an OSHA inspector that forklifts are being inspected as required. The most efficient way to perform inspections is with a Safety Inspection App that can collect all the information, take photographs, allowing annotation, capture GPS coordinates, scan QR codes / barcodes to identify the item being inspected, thus reducing data entry and eliminating errors.

Asset Inspection Management Software

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