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A decade ago, performing safety inspections with drones would have seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. In ten short years, the Internet of Things has made the leap from conceptual to actual. Early predictions for IoT that once seemed out of this world are starting to feel more like an understatement. As the IoT becomes ubiquitous, we see a steady push to adapt IoT technologies to industry-specific applications to save money and time, and simplify operations complexities. Unique industry applications are enabling enterprises to deliver solutions and services that give their clients and partners distinct operating advantages.

Case in point, performing safety inspections with drones means that it is now possible to gather data from cell towers and other structures at the push of a button – eliminating the cost and danger of human inspection.

You might think the first thing you need is an experienced pilot who can operate a drone, but cognitive IoT will make UAV operation as easy as the press of a button. A drone could simply execute a predefined flight path around the tower, emission stack to be inspected, or create an improved autonomous flight path based on its own observations. The operator merely brings the drone to the job and oversees the operation, letting the drone do the work. The drone gathers data through sensors in the drone along with images captured by the camera. This data can then be uploaded to the a web portal for analysis.

By enabling these unmanned inspections, the number of cell towers, emission stacks etc that can be inspected increases when compared to existing methods. Performing safety inspections with  drones is also a much safer method than the old alternative of a worker scaling and inspecting the tower/stack.

Any follow-up corrective actions necessary such as creating job tickets, replacing faulty components can be automatically generated.

The collaboration has shown great potential for lowering operating costs and increasing safety and quality in telecom tower inspections, emission stack inspections  etc. As these systems continue to prove their value in the field and be adopted by businesses, the ability to perform safety inspections with drones removes the traditional dangers of tower inspections, emission stack inspections and inspecting at height in general. Manual inspection will become a thing of the past and efficiency will skyrocket leading to a huge cost savings and great increases in worker safety.

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