Producing Waste Manifests

IMEC Waste Management will provide you with the ability to produce waste manifests. When shipping waste the user can create a shipment and then record the storage units to be shipped, using either the IMEC Waste Management App or the Web Portal. The user can view the contents of a shipment at any point prior to shipment. IMEC Waste Management also allows a user to upload shipping documents that have been created or issued by a third party and links these to a shipment.

Managing Manifests

HazMat T&T provides a set of features to manage waste manifests. Reports and Alerts exist which will ensure that any outstanding manifests and disposal information for each storage unit of waste within a shipment are tracked. Thus ensuring compliance and eliminating the risk of regulatory fines.

Manifest Returns

The system allows users to easily record manifest returns. Returns are recorded by waste code and storage unit type. The waste costs are then applied so that the costs of disposal are allocated against the correct department and zone. This provides the basis for waste cost center analysis and reporting.


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