Eyewash Inspection Software

Never Miss an Inspection with Email Alerts

Never Miss an Inspection Again, Email Alerts give visibility of all upcoming and outstanding Eyewash inspections.

Barcode/QR Codes

Simply scan a barcode or QR code to start an inspection. Optionally the Inspector can be Forced to scan a barcode to start the inspection, ensuring that the correct Eyewash is being inspected.

Build Your Own Forms

Use Preloaded Forms from a Library or Easily Build and Manage your own Forms using the Forms Builder. Capture Comments, Photographs with Annotations, Text, Numbers, Custom Responses. Build Images into a Form to be displayed during an Inspection.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards provide metrics such as inspections completed, to verify compliance with regulations, for example NFPA. The Dashboard Builder allows Administrators to build new Dashboards.

Data Importing

Data Importing Tools Provide a Fast and Simple Method to Import your current data from EXCEL, for Items, Assets, Locations, Buildings etc.

Single Tool to Manage All Inspections

Manage any type of Inspection. Manage Eyewash Inspections and safety device or equipment or location inspections.

Inspection Routes

Use Inspection Routes ensure all Eyewash stations are Inspected. Stop and Restart a Route without loosing previously completed Inspections.

Manage Fixed and Movable Items

Manage Any Type of Item, Movable or Fixed. Using the Mobile App, record the current location of an Item. Perform Inspections of the items within a specified location, Building or Floor or Room.

Inspection History

A History of Inspections is available on the Web App to easily answer queries. The Inspection history holds each inspection that was carried out, with date, time, who performed the inspection, corrective actions generated, and a copy of the Form completed by the Inspector


Manage inventory of assets/inspection points across any number of facilities or buildings. Web App providers a complete inventory of your Inspection Points, their location and status. Track and Manage any type of Equipment inspections.

Inspection Frequencies

Manage any type / frequency of inspections, for example weekly, monthly, annual.
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Custom Step Responses, Not Just Yes/No or Pass / Fail
Collect Numbers, Text, GPS, Photographs with Annotation, Dates, Times, Signatures
Generate Corrective Actions with Allocation to The Appropriate Person
Easily and Quickly Build Forms, Display Images within a Form
Conditional Logic –  Only Questions Needed Are Displayed
Users Can Access Safety Documentation from the Mobile App
Data Access / Segregation Limits User Access by Role, Facility, Inspection Category
QR Codes / Barcodes – Verify Correct Point is being Inspected
API  – Allows Integration with Other Systems, For example Work Order Systems or Business Reporting Systems.

Online or Offline

The IMEC Inspection App can operate with or without connection to the internet. All data is stored securely on the device and the safety inspection results, images, audio clips, signatures etc. are uploaded to the Cloud once an internet connection becomes available.

Smart Phones & Tablets - iOS, Android & Windows

The IMEC Inspection App can be used with any Smart Phone or Tablet. iOS, Android and Windows Smart Phones and Tablets are supported. It can also be used with specialist rugged devices and devices designed for use in explosive areas, areas that require iSafe, intrinsically safe devices.