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Safety Management Software and Mobility – A Powerful Tool

By November 5, 2018 No Comments

Using Mobile Devices with Safety Management Software – Mobility can be a powerful tool in the right hands. It saves operator time and improves productivity, provides a system of record with one to one accuracy verification and limits incidents by granting employees access to data in real time. Mobile device usage has increased over the past number of years making day to day activities ore efficient than ever. Oil and Gas leaders are 41% more likely than followers to use mobile devices to report safety and quality issues.

There’s a constant theme among manufacturers today to become more agile and adaptive in order to stay competitive in an ever more demanding global market. However, increased complexity in the manufacturing environment has made these targets much harder to achieve. A more complex operating environment also increases the risk of an incident in the operation. The major challenges for oil and gas companies is to simply ensure compliance.

Top manufacturing companies have all incorporated mobile computing in order to streamline processes across a number of the functions within the organization, such as safety inspections, incident reporting and safety observations.

With mobile technology, oil and gas companies can improve their workflow efficiency with the ability to make decisions faster, respond to incidents or accidents quicker, ensuring that the correct people are alerted once an incident is reported. Intrinsically safe mobile devices allow oil an gas companies to operate in areas where there is a likelihood of an explosion. Using mobile technology as part of a safety management software solution ensures compliance, mitigates risk, reduces fines and increases workplace safety.

With the advancements in mobile solutions, companies now have the ability to provide their employees with the tools for real time reporting and visibility into operations. Having the ability to act in a timely manner to prioritize tasks, minimize adverse events and failures. Incident reporting via personal devices can greatly improve response time which is critical in an industrial environment. Employees can monitor EHS metrics on the go and report on performance easily.

IMEC Technologies provides Safety Management Software to increase worker safety and aid compliance. Safety Management Software to manage inspections and auditshazard identificationincident management and manage corrective and preventative actions from generation to closure. The Inspection Mobile App allow users to perform inspections and audits, record safety observations, manage corrective actions. The Incident Management Mobile App allows users to report incidents, hazards and near-misses, these are then sent to the appropriate people and are managed to closure.  Web Apps provide setup features such as, management, scheduling tools, analysis, reporting and dashboards etc with the ability to report incidents to government bodies such as OSHA and RIDDORHazMat T&T is a waste management software solution that tracks waste from cradle to grave to aid compliance within a company, to reduce risk and to help manage waste costs. HazMat T&T waste management software can be used by waste generators or waste contractors to manage their waste, waste costs and also can be used to produce all the required shipping documentation. For more information visit our website