Email Alerts

Proactive Email Alerts can be defined which will send email alert reports to users based on a set of criteria. For example, safety managers can receive alerts notifying them of overdue safety inspections in their area that are overdue by 7 days or failed safety inspections in their area, while the Safety Director could receive an alert of any safety inspections overdue by 14 days. Email Alerts can be set to be across sites or locations giving exception reports to the responsible managers.


Dashboards gives key performance indicators in summary and for each type of item that is inspected, for example Emergency Showers, Facilities, Fire Equipment etc. Performance information includes Pass/Fail Rate, Inspection Status as of today showing Overdue and Current Inspections, Open Corrective Actions and Corrective Action Resolution Performance.


Management reports provided by Inspector assist in the management of inspections and maintaining compliance. Reports include Overdue Safety Inspections By Location, Upcoming Safety Inspections By Location. Powerful filters are provided including by Site, Location, and Date.


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