Manage Incidents, Near Misses and Hazards to improve workplace safety

Incidents, Hazards and Near Misses

Incidents, Hazards, and Near Misses are reported via the Incident Management mobile App which is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The process of reporting an event is very intuitive, with no training required, and the information that is captured during the process is customizable. The operator can capture and annotate images as part of the submission.
Capture Images
Annotate Image Indicating Injury
Anonymous Submissions
Resolve GPS Co-ordinates
Attach Comments

Corrective and Preventative Actions

Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA's) can be created and assigned as part of the investigation process of an incident, with deadlines and escalation paths. CAPA's can be sent to the users To Do List on the mobile device or can be managed from the Web Portal.
Created & Assigned During Investigation
Workflows for Resolution

Reporting and Dashboards

Analyze incidents to reduce workplace injuries and increase worker safety. Central reporting of all CAPA's from inspections, audits, incidents and near misses. Electronically submit OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms and RIDDOR forms.
CAPA Close Rate Analysis
Incidents / Near Misses by Site
Time Lost by Incidents
Hazard Analysis

Event Categories

Users specify the Event Category and Subcategory, e.g. ‘Personal Injury’ and ‘Slip’. The user completes the appropriate form on the mobile app. This information is used to determine who gets notified about the event, and whether such an event is OSHA / RIDDOR reportable. Basic information is captured with every reportable event, (Category, Subcategory, Description, Location etc.), but it’s possible to gather additional information using customizable forms which can be specific to the chosen Category and Subcategory.


Forms are highly customizable, information can be gathered from multiple input sources, e.g. Text Input, Lists, Numeric Input, Date input etc. Images can be included in the Form, and these images can be annotated by the person reporting the event to indicate area of injury / damage etc.

Online and Offline

The IMEC Incident Recording App can operate with or without connection to the internet. All data is stored securely on the device and is uploaded to the cloud once an internet connection becomes available.

Smart Phones & Tablets - iOS, Android & Windows

The IMEC Incident Recording App can be used with any Smart Phone or Tablet, Devices running iOS, Android and Windows and can be used with specialist rugged devices or devices designed for use in explosive areas(ATEX) / intrinsically safe devices.


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