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Use Mobile Inspection Software If You Want to Get Your Inspection Management Program Going

By December 10, 2019 No Comments

Do you know how to evaluate and implement a Mobile Inspection Software solution? There are a huge range of options for a mobile inspection software solution available in the market today and working out which one will work best for your organization can be quiet a task.

Many companies successfully use mobile inspection software to eliminate paperwork, increase efficiency and quickly gather accurate inspection data and statistics across their facilities.

To find the mobile inspection software solution that is right for you, make a list of your primary objectives, what results do you want from a solution. Do this so that you can match the offerings from various vendors against each other rather than letting the vendor’s sales person determine what’s important.

Objectives for implementing a mobile inspection software solution are typically some of the following:

  • A system that can operate across the business with the ability to access the data collected centrally using BI / Data Analytics so that issues can be identified and managed to closure.
  • A system that can be used to manage risk, limit exposure to liability across the business so that we remain compliant.
  • Globally supported systems that can be used to manage compliance across the business
  • A System that will increase staff, worker and public safety while not increasing costs so that we maintain compliance, eliminate the possibility of fines and can implement new /updated regulations business wide as efficiently as possible.
  • The ability to quickly and easily retrieve the inspection history for a piece of equipment, life and fire safety device or location.
  • Ability to capture, trend and an analyze inspection data across the facilities, so that side to side comparisons can be done and risks identified.
  • Visibility of real time information from the business in terms of inspection performance, corrective actions outstanding and compliance so I can have an up to date view of performance.
  • Visibility of what inspections are completed and outstanding at anytime so that I can keep the facility compliant.
  • Alerts by the system alerting me to upcoming, annual, 6 year inspections to make this sort of task easier to manage.
  • Easily and quickly perform the monthly inspection, fast and accurate data collection, scanning of barcodes or QR Codes.
  • Remove paperwork while doing inspections as it is a real headache and time consuming.
  • A tool that is reliable, where I don’t have to redo inspections due to equipment failure or data upload failure.

Finally, to plan for implementation success, there are important policies and decisions to plan for. For example:

What is your company’s mobile device policy? Are employees allowed to use mobile devices at work, or are they considered a distraction that could impact safety? BYOD etc?

Are you planning a pilot roll-out? Starting with one location, or one simple application, can help test workflows, understand adoption hurdles, training issues etc before rolling out to the organization.

What training do employees need ? Supporting workers as they learn how to appropriately use mobile devices at work is essential.


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