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Does Safety Management Software Add Value For Manufacturers ?

By February 19, 2018 No Comments

In this post we investigate does safety management software add value in today’s manufacturing industries.

Safety management software adds value to any organization. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed that companies spend around $170 billion annually in costs related to workplace injuries and illnesses. How much money could manufacturers save if they implemented safety management software? OSHA estimates that most workplaces could reduce their injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent if they used safety management software instead of paper based systems.

Plant Engineering magazine recently conducted a study in an effort to better understand workplace safety in the manufacturing sector. Researchers discovered that 83 percent of senior management and operations personnel witnessed a noticeable rise in productivity levels following the implementation of a safety management software solution. These same professionals also saw a decrease in costs for injuries and insurance claims.

“97 percent of participants feel that their workers feel safe on the job.”

The study also found that 97 percent of participants feel that their workers feel safe on the job, while 75 percent were committed to maintaining employee safety in their facilities. Furthermore, 70 percent of these respondents stated they held regular safety meetings or held periodic safety audits. An additional 69 percent of those surveyed have integrated job safety analysis procedures at their facilities.


The results of this survey clearly proves the primary importance of safety within today’s manufacturing environments. Only those manufacturing facilities which continue to emphasize safety as a top-level issue will remain highly productive and competitive in today’s marketplace.

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